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GFGM was a manufacturer of heavy farm equipment, specializing in steam tractors.┬áThe company’s production was very large, and over the years the company expanded to include other products, such as construction equipment and chemicals. The company became the largest manufacturer of tractors in the western part of the country, and was among the most well known manufacturers in the country.

In the 1930s the company was purchased by a large company, but the continued high production of tractors caused the sale of the company to fall through. In this case, it was considered better for the company to continue producing its own products, rather than trying to compete with a well established company. In addition, the size of the firm made it difficult for it to obtain loans and other forms of capital to expand its production and take advantage of economies of scale that other companies had.

In the recent past, the company’s production has declined somewhat, as its focus on industrial machinery and other farm equipment has shifted to other industries. The company still produces a large number of tractors for use in the agricultural industry, however, including those that are still in production.

The company is led by an executive committee, which is headed by Dan Daniel. This committee makes all major business decisions, although Dan is not responsible for any financial decisions. Dan also maintains a large staff of engineers and specialists, who oversee the daily operations of the company. In addition, many of the people involved in the production of the tractors are employed at other companies, but maintain close ties to the production of the tractor company’s products.

Although the company has a manufacturing facility in San Francisco, the production takes place in Sacramento, California. Due to the distance, some of the factory machinery is built near the company’s facilities, such as in Northern California or Arizona.

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