Ah, the age old question: What’s better? The M16 or AK47?

It is a question that has been raging since the question of if an AK47 is far better than an M14 conflict rifle has been answered in favour of their Kalashnikov throughout the Vietnam War.

AK47 were cheaper, faster, lighter firearms that did the work better than the M14. The US Army had a much better, lighter gun for jungle battle.

Fight of the Assault Rifles

To be able to compete with the AK47, the USA commissioned a brand new layout for a standard-issue infantry rifle, along with also the M16 was first born. On the face of it, both of these rifles could not be more distinct.

The M16 was a cutting edge piece of hardware from the 1960s, while the AK47 was operating with a post-World War two design. Low tech and economical to create, the AK47 was the Soviet’s standard issue weapon because of their army and for export because 1949.

The M16, in contrast, used the newest technologies and materials. It had higher range and has been more precise than the AK47.

Sounds like a done deal ? The M16 is wider, lighter, more precise and has improved range. And yet…

To get a conscript who hasn’t used a gun earlier, the AK47 is simple to use and contains no whistles and bells. It is easy build also means less likely to malfunction from demanding terrain and with no fibreglass inventory of an M16, an AK47’s wooden inventory and steel frame makes for a convenient cudgel in snug quarters.

The conflict rages on, but the actual answer is: it depends. In case you’ve got sufficient time and tools to train rigorously, then have to carry your rifle all over the area and choose to engage out of a favourable space, the M16 is much better.

But if you are fighting in inhospitable circumstances, probably to get up close and individual and don’t have any cash, the AK47 is your choice.But that is the real thing.

What about airsoft replicas?

With airsoft guns, it is a closer run thing. Most airsoft rifles are fairly synonymous. The FPS and precision are flexible to match any needs and this will help attract the contrast nearer. If it comes to accessories, the two provide similar choices. These include:

  • Extended mags
  • Rail mounts
  • Extended stocks
  • Grenade launchers
  • Sights & scopes

The restricting factor of weight, that can be among the largest criticisms of this AK47, is created moot as a result of this airsoft rifle’s materials. The ideal thing to do would be to try out each one and determine which works best for you personally. Many airsofters locate the AK as dependable in airsoft since it is in actuality, while some are big fans of their balance and also appearances of their M16.

Regardless of which one your favor, 1 thing is for certain: they are perfect starting AEGs for first-time airsofters. They are so recognizable to the public that novices should have little difficulty getting used to the way to work them.

This inherent familiarity creates the M16 and AK more accessible than more complicated and rarer airsoft guns. They’re also infinitely customisable to match a range of play styles.

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